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The best reading I have had

Northern Ireland
January 29, 2009

This was the best reading I have had and very accurate. Thank you so much x Received 13th Jan 2010 from Madeline, Northern Ireland I met Lavinia whilst we were on holiday in Tenerife in December 2009. I thought it was quite by accident but later found out that my husband who had died in July, had engineered the meeting. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Lavinia took time out of her holiday to try and connect with my husband who had died very suddenly at the age of 49. I have absolutely no doubt that she was in contact with him. The information that she gave me, including the manner in which he died, was extremely accurate. I felt very comforted to know that Alan was happy and ok and to also find that he was around me all the time (I knew that anyway though). She gave me lots of information that she couldn’t possibly have guessed. I knew that Alan was there with her and I really didn’t want to let her stop. Thank you, Lavinia, from the bottom of my heart.