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My reading felt as if Lavinia were in the room with me, and that she had known me all my life.  She knew so much about me that I had not shared.  What was especially unique was her correct identification of my relatives and their importance in my life.  It felt wonderful to know that they had messages for me and that they were still there.  Lavinia also picked up many of the problems I am going through currently and had messages about them.  And for me, most amazing of all was that she picked up on my wonderful dog, Magic, who had just passed a few weeks ago.  My heart could have burst with happiness knowing that she was safe and pain free.  Lavinia made that possible across an ocean and a continent, what could she pick up if she were beside you?  Never has any other reader or medium hit the target like she did.  Nothing she said was incorrect, an incredible result.

Terri USA December 9, 2020

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