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Private Reading

Private Sittings

A Private sitting with Lavinia is available at her home in Burtonwood or as part of a group booking. A private sitting can be either a spiritual reading (communication with the Spirit World) or a general reading (working with the psychic vibrations to give information and guidance). A half hour reading will normally be sufficient. However where a lot of information/communication is forthcoming this may be better accommodated with a longer reading of approximately 45mins.

The longer reading is also suitable where the client wishes to combine both the spiritual and general.

Spiritual Reading

    Communication with loved ones who have passed.

    Communication from guides and helpers

Please be aware that communication from a loved one cannot be guaranteed. The medium does not call the spirit world, but acts only as a channel for those loved ones in the spirit world who wish to communicate.

It is your thoughts that make your loved ones aware of your wish for communication and it is upon a vibration of love that that they come to you. Often a loved one has a great desire to communicate with those loved ones still on the earth plane and your coming for a reading may well be their first opportunity to do so. As with all first experiences this first communication may be difficult at first, emotional for both the recipient of the message and the communicator. This communication can flow more smoothly if the right vibrations are created to allow communication to take place. Disbelief and skepticism if allowed to come through too strongly create a negative vibration and create barriers between the medium and the spirit world.

It is asked therefore that in order to get the best from your reading, you bear the above in mind when attending your sitting.

General Reading

  •     Guidance and information on events currently taking place.
  •     Probable future indications (Note: this is not fortune telling).

In a general reading, this will normally begin by the holding of an item, personal to yourself. This allows the psychic to attune to your psychic vibration, upon which begins a flow of information.

As with a spiritual reading the psychic link can be hindered and blocked by negativity from the sitter, effecitively blocking off the psychic stream of information. Please therefore be open minded and willing to listen to the information given to you.

In this type of reading Lavinia will normally finish the reading by using the tarot cards. This acts as a confirmation of the information already given. Should you not wish the short tarot reading or have a preference for the tarot then the reading can be changed to accommodate your preferences.

Payment can be made at the time of the reading by cash or Online Banking Payment. If you wish to pay by credit card then please purchase your reading from the Shop

The best reading I have had
Northern Ireland
January 29, 2009

This was the best reading I have had and very accurate. Thank you so much x Received 13th Jan 2010 from Madeline, Northern Ireland I met Lavinia whilst we were on holiday in Tenerife in December 2009. I thought it was quite by accident but later found out that my husband who had died in July, had engineered the meeting. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Lavinia took time out of her holiday to try and connect with my husband who had died very suddenly at the age of 49. I have absolutely no doubt that she was in contact with him. The information that she gave me, including the manner in which he died, was extremely accurate. I felt very comforted to know that Alan was happy and ok and to also find that he was around me all the time (I knew that anyway though). She gave me lots of information that she couldn't possibly have guessed. I knew that Alan was there with her and I really didn't want to let her stop. Thank you, Lavinia, from the bottom of my heart.


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