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I was born in Kirby, Liverpool and was brought up a Christian. I began seeing spirit at the early age of 7-8. My father died when I was 9 years old and on that same night what I perceived as an Angel came to me in a dream and told me that they had taken my father to heaven. So impressed by the power of this experience I confidently told my flabbergasted Aunt when she came to inform me of the bad news. ‘I already know, the Angels told me!’


Growing up I had many experiences of spirit people around me, and on one particular day I was guided to go into the nearby fields, where I followed their instruction, placed my hand down in the long grass and took hold of a cross and rosary beads, as my late father confirmed I would find.
In the years that followed I was guided by Spirit to many experiences.
I spent many years attending my local Spiritualist Church where I had the great experience to be taught by the renowned Spiritualist, Glyn Edwards. In subsequent years I had the honour of working with many exceptional Mediums, including Billy Roberts and the late Derek Acorah.
I have attended many courses at the Spiritualist Arthur Findlay College gaining valuable experience from tutors such as Tony Stockwell and Paul Jacobs.

Arthur Findlay College

I spent many years in development circles at the Spiritualist Church in Liverpool where I also helped run workshops and courses, provided 1 to 1 and aura readings. As a Platform Medium I served many of the Spiritualist Churches in the surrounding areas. I have also trained with many well known local mediums, including Joe Power.

I now live in Burtonwood, Warrington, and work as a full-time medium. I do private readings (by appointment) either by telephone, face to face, email, or in these modern times, through WhatsApp and Zoom.
Outside of my Spiritual Work I sing and act, being a member of local Amateur Music and Drama Groups, Burtonwood AMADS and West Wirral Musical Society.