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This is a reading which is available for those instances where it is not possible, either through circumstance or distance, for the person to be present.

In this instance Lavinia will seek to attune to the person asking for the reading, to ask spirit for guidance and to ask those in spirit connected to the person to join together in an atmoshere of love and harmony. The communication and impressions received by Lavinia can be given in several ways:

  1. Phone Reading:
    Lavinia will give the reading by arranging a time and give the reading by making a Whatsapp call to the recipient.
  2. Email Reading:
    Lavinia will use a photograph to initiate the psychic connection and record the reading as it is communicated to her. A link will then be provided by email which will allow you to download and listen to your reading (mp3).
  3. Zoom Reading:
    Lavinia will arrange a suitable time and give the reading using Zoom (an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio  chat).

In order for Lavinia to make the initial link with the person asking for the reading it is asked that you send a recent photograph of yourself along with your request.

On receipt of your request and payment, Lavinia will schedule a time and will attune to the spirit world, asking her guides and helpers for the information and guidance which you seek.

The price for this service is £35.00. This can be paid by bank transfer (details on request) or by using the Reading Shop. Please await confirmation of your booking before making payment.

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