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Received 11th May 2005 from Mary of Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows:  

"I would just like to tell you about Lavinia. Upon meeting the lady for the first time, I found her a warm and friendly person. Her reading was accurate. I was told personal things that only I was aware of. Since then I have always chosen Lavinia when I need a reading. I always leave feeling uplifted. She is a very gifted person. Every thing that has been mentioned in my reading are now taking place. Lavinia also reads the cards and receives communication from loved ones in spirit. Lavinia can also read from personal items of jewellery, that being a gift in itself, because I could not hold a ring or necklace and be able to pick any vibration from this. But Lavinia can."

Received 7th February 2006 from John Mead, Warrington:

"I have had 3 readings with Lavinia over the last 18 months , all remarkably accurate and informative.Some mediums / psychics are hit and miss , but Lavinia has special abilities to get to the heart of the matter - I will continue to use her regularly when the need arises , and have 100% confidence in her readings..

Warrington Guardian, 7th September 2006:

"While I accept, and perhaps agree, with the theory that we may gloss over the bits that don't mean anything or don't seem to be linked to anything in your life, I still can't figure out how she would have known some of the things she did if there wasn't something in what she was saying. And subconsciously I have found myself looking out for things that she said might be opportunities for me in the future. But whether you believe it or not, the one thing you can definitely take away is the elevated feeling of happiness (without sounding too corny) as you think of your loved ones, past and present and what they bring to your life."

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Received 2nd November 2006 from Kerry Taylor:

''I had a reading from Lavinia today and it was brilliant. I have been to several mediums before and have never been very pleased with the service provided. I would definitely go to her again and I thouroughly enjoyed the experience.'

Received 30th January 2006 from John Burns:

"After my reading with you this afternoon I have to thank you once again for your spookily accurate insight into my past present & future. I have seen several Mediums, Psychics and Readers before and I can honestly say with hand on heart that not a single one of them have provided me with the information you have. From re-awakening childhood memories to accurately describing my present circumstances, this leaves no doubt in my mind that what you saw for my future, albeit now in my hands to do as I please, is surely meant to be. I definitely feel that after 43 years my life is finally on the right path. Thank you once again Lavinia. You are one incredible lady!"

Postal Reading, Mar 2007, London :

"thank you so much for your reading... You ... tuned in extremely well to my past and present circumstances. ...thank you again."

Received Sheila (Postal Reading) Kirkland, USA:

"I did receive your reading on Sat, although I didn’t get to it until Thursday of this week. It was very wonderful, informative, lots of things I was not aware of. And things I had feelings about. It was good to hear about my deceased relatives (mum)(mom) and dad) and others. I’ve always felt their presence".

Received Mar 2007 from Pauline, Warrington:

"thank you so much for the reading, personally it confirmed what I had hoped which was that my dad is with me and continues to love and care for me. ....I was glad you made the link with him, as I send this to you I find myself crying .... but I know where he is, and I know he is well and free from hurt, pain and suffering. All of the things you brought to me was evidence of his presence, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I didn't want to leave, as I could feel him close to me, I experienced something very special which I will hold onto. .... my love and best wishes goes out to you."

Received Apr 2007 from Rebecca, Warrington:

"Just to say thankyou so much for last night, i know you stayed very late,making sure we all got our readings. Everyone was very impressed. It was nice to hear from my nan. I have since spoken to my grandma and she has confirmed most of the things mentioned,that I wasnt 100% on. Also good to hear about my positive future, and also nice to hear about all the pets on the other side that I grew up with. Anyone who is looking into having a reading with Lavinia, I would strongly recommend her. Thanks for making us all feel at ease, and thanks for a lovely night."

Received from Chris, 23 June 2007 (Postal Reading)

"Just a thank you for reading for me it helped a lot" Received 6 Aug 2007 from Martin: "Lavinia is a kind warme hearted person, but I was amazed when she made contact with my partner who only passed away two weeks previous. The things she told me about our lives and the loved we shared no one would of known such feelings. She allowed as much time as was needed and didnt rush. She gave me so much comfort. I thought is was remarkable with a true gift. My partner was only 32 when passed so its not just the old. Thankyou again"

Received 18th July 2008 from Caroline:

I had a reading with Lavinia at the beginning of July 2008.As this was my first ever psychic reading I was quite apprehensive. Lavinia is lovely, very welcoming and explained the process of the reading and soon put me at ease. Lavinia was so accurate as to how I was currently feeling and picked up so accurately that I wasgoing through a relationship split. This was so acccurate as my Fiance had decided he no longer wanted to be in a relationship .I felt Lavinia had described the emptiness and Limbo I was in with accuracy and it was nice that someone had recognised my true feelings. Through her guidance I can see there is still a good future for me in this world and already I am making sense of and noticing things discussed.What an amazing Lady.

Received 1st August 2008 from Julie G:

I had my first reading with Lavinia on the 26th July 2008 and I have to say I was a little apprehensive because when I visited another medium several years ago, she could not get anything from me and therefore I was dissapointed. However I went in with a really positive attitude, as I really needed to hear from my Mum and guess what she came through along with various others that have passed over. There is no way that Lavinia would have known personal things about me and my family had it not been sent to her in a message. I felt drained and very emotional when I came out, but totally uplifted. Although I knew my Mum was always with me it was comforting to know that she really was looking out for me. I have passed on my experiences to friends and colleagues who have requested I give them Lavinia's contact details. Thank you and bless you Lavinia.

Received 29th Jan 2009 from Katharine

This was the best reading I have had and very accurate. Thankyou so much x Received 13th Jan 2010 from Madeline, Northern Ireland I met Lavinia whilst we were on holiday in Tenerife in December 2009. I thought it was quite by accident but later found out that my husband who had died in July, had engineered the meeting. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Lavinia took time out of her holiday to try and connect with my husband who had died very suddenly at the age of 49. I have absolutely no doubt that she was in contact with him. The information that she gave me, including the manner in which he died, was extremely accurate. I felt very comforted to know that Alan was happy and ok and to also find that he was around me all the time (I knew that anyway though). She gave me lots of information that she couldn't possibly have guessed. I knew that Alan was there with her and I really didn't want to let her stop. Thank you Lavinia, from the bottom of my heart.

Received 5th May 2010 from Carmel

I would like to thank Lavinia very much for Friday 30 april.It was excellent and my other friends say the same.Can not wait for the next time we are all so pleased.Thankyou on behalf of my friends and me.

Received 28th October 2010 from Jeanne F Huddersfield

I have just received my postal reading from Lavinia,it is amazing.Without being able to see me she gave such accurate information.She got right to the heart of my reason for wanting a reading,and was able to give me some peace of mind.She also brought through my loved ones in spirit so much so that I was in no doubt as to who they were.Thank you so much Lavinia.

Received 3rd June 2011 from StephenW

This is the 2nd time I have had a reading off Lavinia and both times were excellent. I was left in no doubt which of my freinds and relatives were coming through with their messages. It is difficult to put into words because there is so much to describe. It was certainly amazing - names and descriptions that were spot on. I went for a specific reason which I didn't reveal to Lavinia and I got more than I had hoped for.

Received 3rd July 2011 from Antranae (USA)

i have to say i been going to lavinia for a few years now for readings and even though i went to other psychics in between she always ended up being the one that was right as far as what she seen ahead.i had a reading with her in March of this year 2011 some of the things she said would happen is already happening right before my eyes and i know there more to come..=) thank you Lavinia for being there when i needed some help and guidance.

Received 21st July 2012 from Jeanne F Huddersfield

This is the second reading with Lavinia,I was at a very low ebb and she went right to the heart of the matter.She brought through some amazing guidance from spirit without knowing anything about my problems.Lavinia is a genuine person and whether you need guidance,proof of survival or just a message from a loved one in spirit she can be trusted to give an accurate reading and deliver it with such warmth and understanding I would recommed her to anyone.

Received 12th April 2014 from Debbie:

Friendly, relaxed atmosphere, accurant guidance

Received 24th April 2014 from Stacie:

Thank you so much for my reading. What an eye opener. Very happy and pleased to know people are helping me, and a very accurate reading too.

Received 24th April 2014 from Laura:

My first reading this evening, very relaxing, friendly lady. Names proved a true psychic and medium. Will be coming back for another reading very soon. Thank you for such a lovely reading.

Received 26th April 2014 from Lauren:

Lavinia was brilliant, very accurate and relaxed reading. Will definitely be thinking of an hour reading. Just brilliant. Thank you.

Received 6th May 2014 from Michelle:

What a lovely experience to hear from my mum. Lavinia is a lovely, sincere person. I feel very happy.

Received 6th May 2014 from Katie:

Was lovely to hear of all my loved ones in spirit, looking out for me and my little girl. Going home with BIG smile. Thank you so much.

Received 10th July 2014 from Janine h:

I went to Lavinia for a reading. She was excellent and reassured me on several issues. I would highly recommend her and I'm sure you will not be disappointed.7y

Received 31st July 2014 from Michelle:

As a first timer I was unaware what to expect. However, pleasantly surprised at how accurate the reading was. From past events to names close to me. I have no doubt in my mind that her visions were accurate. Helped very much. Thank you so much.

Received 31st July 2014 from Andy:

Bit apprehensive at first but was blown away at how accurate Lavinia was. Almost speechles, coming away with nothing but positive vibes Fantastic

Received 4th Aug 2014 from Angela:

This is the second time I have seen Lavinia. I thought she was so on the nail the first time we met her, I had to come back and bring new found loved ones back this time. Got a lot from this experience again. She is fantastic.

Received 8th Aug 2014 from Katie:

Had my head cleared of a lot of thoughts. Genuinly feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel as Lavinia is a very thoughtful and caring lady who has been in the short time of knowing her a massive influence in my way of viewing things. Thank you so much.

Received 14th Aug 2014:

Came at a time when feeling anxous, but wasn't sure why. I now know that the reasons for my anxiety are justified but I can choose the path to help me in the future. Fantastic reading, given with honesty and sensitivity. Has a true and wonderful gift. I will take it all on board. Thank you so very, very much, truly grateful xx

Received 28th Aug 2014:

Came at a time of upset. Lavinia reassured me and I felt a lot better. Feel it's been a psychic experience and I thank you a lot

Received 5th Sep 2014:

Fantastic reading and very true to our lives. Thank you for your time. Really enjoyed every minute. Thanks.

Received 14th Sep 2014:

Thank you for a lovely reading I am now more open minded to new experiences. Hope to see you again. Christine

Amazing experience! So accurate. 100% recommend. Will be coming again. Linda

Received 16th Sep 2014:

Thank you, you helped me a lot and feel better knowing spirits come around us. Maria & Margaret.

Really didn't know what to expect as this was my first ever reading. It was absolutely amazing and could relate to almost everything that was said. Will most definitely be back. Kim and Zoe

Received 19th Sep 2014:

Thank you for a really accurate reading. Described me to a T. All correct. All about my past was correct and my present. Just hope the good bits about my future are too. Thank you again. Will definitely come back. Victoria.

Received 20th Sep 2014:

This was my first time and didn't know what to expect. Lavinia was fab and everything was spot on. Will be coming back. Tanya.

I have been once before and was very good, but brilliant this time. Everything was correct in my life now and someone special to me came through. x Thanks so much.

Received 22nd Sep 2014:

This was a very good reading. Everything spot on. Would recommend. Thank you so much.

Received 24th Sep 2014:

Everything I came to find out, I did. Things about my past were spot on, so I'm looking forward to things Lavinia told me about my future being spot on too. Alice

Received 20th Oct 2014:

Thanks for a brillian reading. Looking forward to the future now. x

Received 3rd Oct 2014:

Absolutely fantastic. Spoke about issues in my past which no one would know about. Will certainly recommend and will be coming back. Kayleigh and Terri.

Fantastic reading, will definitely be coming back again and will recommend to friends. Spoke about family issues and past which everything was spot on. Sam

Received 15th Oct 2014:

Absolutely spot on, would come again. Very happy with all who came through spirit wise. Will defo come back again. Lou

This is the second time I have come to see Lavinia. The first time I came was so accurated relating to both past, present and future, which proved to be correct. This second time I was absolutely blown away. Nobody could possibly know the things Lavinia talked about to me and I couldn't be happier that my 2 beautiful nans and my Grandad came through. After the things I've been told I'm excited for the future. I can't wait to come back again. Louise.

Received 20th Oct 2014:

Thanks for a brilliant reading. Everything was very good. Very glad to know that my sister was around me. xx

Absolutely amazing. I felt very calm and at ease. I heard just what I needed too. Love Lorraine.

Absolutely fabulous. Everything she said was spot on. Looking forward to the future. Thanks Julie.

Received 3rd Nov 2014:

A very accurate picture of my present situation. Reaffirming my confusion and how things should move for the better. I'm so pleased that my Grandmother is guiding me and I will almost definitely make decisions based on the reading. Thank you Lavinia. Very accurated and reaffirming my confused mind. xx

Received 18th Nov 2014:

Thank you for a brilliant reading. Looking forward to the future, for the first time in 6 years. I truly believed my Dad came through. x

Surprised by accuracy and who came through. I have great comfort from my reading. Comfort that I didn't know I would get. Thank you. x

Received 18th Nov 2014:

Thank you for the time. Some of the things you said know one could have known. Would highly recommend Lavinia. Thank you.

Received 8th Jan 2015:

A lovely reading, very accurate, especially naming people. You have helped me through a very difficul period of my life. I will definiteld be coming to see you again. Looking forward to a new future with more hope. Thank you very much. J

Received 24th Jan 2015:

Really good experience, everything was spot on. Would fully recommend. It has helped me to have hope for the future and guidance. Thank you so much. RD

Received 1st Feb 2015:

Very good reading. The people I hoped for came through. Also very accurate naming their names. Thank you. MK

2nd time I have seen Lavinia. Good readings both times. However two totally different readings which I believe is good. Accuracy in both seperate readings. C.

Very good reading. Enjoyed every minute of it. Definitely come again. JK

Received 6th Feb 2015:

Fantastic readsing. Spot on with everything. Thank you so much. AJ.

Received 17th Feb 2015:

Really enjoyed the session with you. You tolm me interesting information about my current situation and my future. Loved to hear that I have someone watching over me. A lot of what you said was incredibly accurate so I'll have to wait and see if what you told me about the future comes true. Thanks a lot. O.

Received 19th Feb 2015:

Thank you so much for my reading. Really enjoyed it and felt very welcome and relaxed. Will be returning in a few weeks for a guidance reading!. Thanks again. M.

Received 6th Mar 2015:

You were absolutely amazing - thank you so so much. I got what I needed. Can't thank you enough. S.

Received 7th Mar 2015:

Thank you very much for sharing your talent with me. Spot on, straight to the point. Made me open my eyes. Thank you again. L

Thank you so much. Everything you said was spot on. Absolutely amazing. Thanks again. Love J.

Thank you very much. Amazing you are. Take care. Love S.

Lovely experience to hear loved ones coming through. Everything was spot on . Great experience. J

Received 20th Mar 2015:

Amazing - Great experience - Gob smacked. Thanks. A.